What is a Chatbot and why should my website need one?

What is a Chatbot and why should my website need one?


So What is a Chatbot and why should my website need one? A chatbot is a type of software that helps in conversational allows companies to communicate with their online audiences instantaneously. It offers personalized chat system without having to cut back on automation. Most people associate intelligent chatbots with AI. however, AI is not essential to creating a smart, functional bot. There are two main types of conversational chatbot assistants:

NLP chatbots (use artificial intelligence)

Rule-based chatbots (choose-your-own-adventure type)

Conversational Apps (rich UI elements + might combine NLP with rule-based elements)

Some of the top chatbot for your websites


Why a chatbot is needed?


So, start a conversation with your customers visiting your websites with chatbots. Chatbots are 100% automated and get free chatbots inbuilt to your website. Collect more customer data through chatbot interactive experiences. Make your wesbite customers happy, as they can get info, during your off business hours. Some may like it or hate it, chatbot technology is being used to automate just about everything possible to make life easier. Artificial intelligence in your website ChatBot helps to automate customer conversations saving your time, manpower deployment and also does lead generation. So your website needs AI chat support, as the customized chatbot for lead generation. Please remember automating websites using the Live chat support using a robot is easier and getting job done.

What is a Chatbot and why should my website need one, now gets answered. So you are sure, if website chatbot is free, it should be integrated into your website. As a company you ought to make your employees work faster & smarter with automated Chat Bots in your website. Deploy Intelligent Chat Bots to reduce work load of sales team, help your online customers by automate customer conversations  & make your support teams efficient in 24hours. Switch to technology enabled amazing customer service, fast customer service tools, empower your sales agents today by installing chatbots in your website. 


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