Digital Marketing Online Training

Our training services are elaborate with detailed analysis, live digital marketing projects. Options to choose from weekend/weekdays digital marketing online classes. 

What will u get?



Sign up for online digital marketing course in your city, and get dual certification, work in live digital marketing projects, get 100% placement assistance. You can choose from 25 digital marketing modules, to learn digital marketing skills, with expert led online course. We offer you digital marketing books, digital marketing tools, schedule your weekday digital classes or weekend digital classes to step into the world of SEM, SEO, SMM. One of the top online digital marketing courses, you can customise online digital courses, from the leading digital marketing training institution in India. Due to COVID19 we only offer online courses with part payment monthly options, with virtual classes on digital marketing. Customise online course learning at your pace, with virtual learning program on digital marketing without leaving your job.  Three months of intense learning, one to one digital marketing sessions, mentoring on digital marketing course and feedback, 45 live digital marketing classes, 8 self-study digital marketing classes each month, Rs 1Lac worth digital marketing ebooks, designed to master digital marketing skills. Our digital marketing certification is in alignment with Google and Facebook.


Why digital marketing?


There is high demand for digital marketers, with great job prospects for digital marketing positions, or start your own digital marketing business, become a mentor by promoting entrepreneurs. So, you know how to get better pay in 2021, full of new job positions in IT companies. In a nutshell, learning digital marketing skill aids your career opportunities, career progress as companies are shifting towards digitalisation in 2021. You learn marketable digital marketing skills, get better salary, WFH (work from home) career options during COVID19. You can fast track your career path by learning immensely in live digital marketing projects, expanding existing skillsets and get hired by top Indian companies or even foreign IT firms.


What will you learn actually- Will I succeed in digital marketing?


The digital learning pedagogy involves building a website the basics and advanced version, plugins overview and content management system CMS. You will also learn about Social Media Marketing SMM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO search engine optimisation and methods of launching Digital Campaigns, optimising digital marketing advertisement, generate digital marketing reports for clients. Also, at the end of each digital marketing session, you’ll be given digital marketing assignments that is compulsory. This practice will increase your chances to trouble shoot digital marketing and will help you get hired in future for digital marketing positions in job market. You learn advanced digital marketing methods and techniques of digital marketing. Our hand holding in digital marketing course is an unique training approach, that would help you to get into the basics to advanced application of digital marketing tools.